Hi, I'm Laura

Yoga teacher, writer, sailor, plant-powered, cancer-surviving, global mischief-maker 💫 

In the last 6 years (since breast cancer changed my life), I've trekked though the Peruvian Andes, lived in a tent for 4 months in an ashram, trained as a yoga teacher in the Bahamas and Spain (400hr RYT), worked on a boat in the Caribbean, got my heart broken by a girl from California, sailed across the Atlantic, volunteered at a refugee camp on Mount Olympus, raised over £30k for charity. Amongst all that, I've also fallen apart and put myself back together more times than Donald Trump's tweeted about 'fake news'. I want my healing to inspire yours.

Big Dreams

healthy body, peaceful mind, happy heart, published author,  sail around the world by 40


the smell of new books, my 4 rescue pups, laughing my odd socks off, yoga magic, chef-y friends, epic playlists

Don't Love

the smell of cooking mushrooms, mindless TV, duck-pout selfies, over-thinking, matching socks

Most of us need healing, it doesn't have to be boring...

Mesmerised - Nature's Netflix Got Me Hooked

Mesmerised - Nature's Netflix Got Me Hooked

I'm mesmerised by all the beautiful things I get to look at in this boat life. Not only the sparkling ocean and mountainous backdrops during the day, or even the breathtaking sunsets, but when the sun goes down and night falls...

Surreal and shark-like in their movements, about 4 ft long, the tarpon converge around the boat, drawn by the neon glow of the underwater lights. Occasionally bursting through the surface to gobble up a small fish, turning on their side, reflecting their silver scales off the lights, reminding us of their majesty.

I don't know it yet, but soon I'll be brave enough to swim with these huge fish in the pitch dark waters at night. 

I lie on the mesh of the 'trampoline' at the front of the boat, feeling the cool ocean breeze, looking up at the clear night sky. Millions of stars and galaxies to marvel over. Right there, above our heads. Where they've been for millions of years. Shooting stars are almost common place here. How lucky we are to watch nature's Netflix for free every night. 

The world is upside-down. We sit on our sofas, in our safe homes, covered by ceilings, contained by walls. Completely forgetting about the glory of mother nature right outside the front door. Who on earth would watch Eastenders over this?!

All we have to do is open our eyes. Walk a little further. Look up instead of down. Around instead of into our phones, tablets, laptops.

What are we missing every single day? So busy in the hectic lives we've created for ourselves, based on what society expects of us. 

When do we give ourselves time to just stop and be still. Our children are missing so much. We're missing so much. 

Lets teach our children to be in awe of this earth. To respect and love it. To understand how it gives us life. To appreciate different species and to grow up wanting to protect and care for the planet and all its creatures. 

I hope I'm always mesmerised by her. 

How the dickens did I get here?

How the dickens did I get here?

Fear of flipper

Fear of flipper