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In the last 6 years (since breast cancer changed my life), I've trekked though the Peruvian Andes, lived in a tent for 4 months in an ashram, trained as a yoga teacher in the Bahamas and Spain (400hr RYT), worked on a boat in the Caribbean, got my heart broken by a girl from California, sailed across the Atlantic, volunteered at a refugee camp on Mount Olympus, raised over £30k for charity. Amongst all that, I've also fallen apart and put myself back together more times than Donald Trump's tweeted about 'fake news'. I want my healing to inspire yours.

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Most of us need healing, it doesn't have to be boring...

Falling in love with a Swami

Falling in love with a Swami

It’s Bhakti, baby!

 Swami Brahmananda  - Sivananda Ashram Bahamas

Look at that face! I don’t know what it is about this guy, he’s just so damn cool.

Presence, serenity, inate intelligence, mischieviousness, and a deep connection to something I have no clue about.

Unwavering dedication to the cause, he commands total respect without even speaking. 

I'm in awe of him! But I guess that’s how gurus are made. 

Swami B definitely knows when I’ve snuck back from Starbucks, he can read minds, so I try not to look him in the eye. Which obviously makes it worse. The man’s like a God. He knows I’ve had that iced latte. And it's not sattvic. 

I feel the burden of this guilt everyday, but still, off I sneak.

(It’s the only place with a/c and actual sofas!) 

But onto more important things. Swami B was teaching us about Bhakti Yoga - To love for loves sake. The Yoga of Action. Karma Yoga. Probably the coolest of the 5 paths of yoga.


Here’s some scribbled notes from class ... 

Bhakti Yoga 

We (the ego) have a delusional understanding of the nature of things.

We give great value to recognition, then after a second, it's forgotten.

In practicing Bhakti Yoga, the ego is out of the way, there’s no expectations. It’s love for loves sake, instead of looking for external ends (praise, expectations of another person).


Based on the practice of karma yoga - selfless service - the yoga of action.

To love freely without selfish expectations (<< aspirations!!)

A divine type of love, not an egotistical type of love.

This is non-attachment.


Well now, I'd like a step-by-step foolproof guide for acheiving all this. Daily sadhana you say Swami B.. no shortcuts? Urrrghh. 

 Swami B striding through the ashram
I'm a Yoga Teacher!

I'm a Yoga Teacher!

Lessons from an Ashram

Lessons from an Ashram