Hi, I'm Laura

Yoga teacher, writer, sailor, plant-powered, cancer-surviving, global mischief-maker 💫 

In the last 6 years (since breast cancer changed my life), I've trekked though the Peruvian Andes, lived in a tent for 4 months in an ashram, trained as a yoga teacher in the Bahamas and Spain (400hr RYT), worked on a boat in the Caribbean, got my heart broken by a girl from California, sailed across the Atlantic, volunteered at a refugee camp on Mount Olympus, raised over £30k for charity. Amongst all that, I've also fallen apart and put myself back together more times than Donald Trump's tweeted about 'fake news'. I want my healing to inspire yours.

Big Dreams

healthy body, peaceful mind, happy heart, published author,  sail around the world by 40


the smell of new books, my 4 rescue pups, laughing my odd socks off, yoga magic, chef-y friends, epic playlists

Don't Love

the smell of cooking mushrooms, mindless TV, duck-pout selfies, over-thinking, matching socks

Most of us need healing, it doesn't have to be boring...

I'm a Yoga Teacher!

I'm a Yoga Teacher!

Officially Yoga Siromani - a qualified 200hr Sivananda yoga teacher!!! 

 Graduation evening, May 2016 - Yoga Siromani - honoured with the spirtual name 'Saraswati' 

I’m SO proud of us all, this has been one of the toughest months of my life. The most life-changing, healing, incredible experience. 

It’s impossible to put into words right now everything we've been through and learned here.

Feeling so priveleged and full of love I could burst. 

You can do anything, you're f*cking glorious.

You can do anything, you're f*cking glorious.

Falling in love with a Swami

Falling in love with a Swami