Useful resources

Wizards of the internet I follow sharing insights (and science) for a more fulfilling, healthier, happier life

  • Kris Carr (all things crazy sexy cancer, a beautiful human)

  • Marie Forleo (female entrepreneurship and online marketing. Total Queen.)

  • Laura Belgray (don’t even know where to start with this hilarious word-wizard. Sign up for her Talking Shrimp emails, you won’t regret it)

  • Abraham Hicks (spiritual guidance from other realms, whether you’re into that or not, there’s always thought-provoking life advice)

  • Danielle La Porte (badass author, speaker and creator of beautiful things)

  • Mark Hyman, MD (Functional Medicine, especially auto-immune/ chronic disease prevention and healing)

  • Dr David Hamilton, PHD (I went to a live workshop of his, this man is utterly brilliant and a lovely person, get his books)

  • Rumi (no intro needed)

  • Michael Greger, MD (founder of, reliable, scientific nutrition advice.. if you can get past his ‘unique’ way of speaking!)

  • SilkFred (for all things independent London fashion - my friend Emma build it from scratch and it’s now a multi-million dollar company. SO proud of her, amen to women supporting women.)

  • TED talks (influential videos from expert speakers on education, business, science, tech and creativity)

  • Marion Rose PHD - I don’t have kids but still fascinated with human psychology and healing the wounds of childhood. Mum of 2, Marion shares wisdom on psycho-spiritual parenting)